How to Solve Mouse Problems

Published: 19th September 2011
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One of the more commonly dreaded pests is the mouse. Larger than insects found in houses, the insatiable appetite of the mouse combined with their relative strength leaves few things safe in your home from their teeth. Mice take over your home, scavenging and (thus contaminating) your food to reproducing and growing their population in and around your property. Mice rarely travel alone and multiply at a ridiculous rate (some females have six to eight litters a year;) the appearance of one in your home is a good indicator that a nest is close by, and your home is not safe from a severe problem with the threat of a mouse take-over.

Quite unfortunately, ridding your home of mice is not as easy as spraying for insects; these vermin must be disposed of cleanly and in a method that will leave no lingering damage to your home. As a first step when confronted with a mouse problem, you should try to locate what is attracting these mice into your home. Proper food storage is necessary to prevent rodents; be certain not to leave unsealed food around your home for long periods of time. Typically, mice build their nests outdoors and do not like human or other predator interaction; their hunt for food the main reason mice enter your home. Common nests for mice are dry wood piles- it would be advantageous to relocate any firewood piles far away from your home.

With the colder months of fall and winter, mice tend to migrate their nests indoors. Any hole or crack in your siding or foundation makes for a suiting mouse entrance. The smallest flaw in the exterior and foundation may still permit mouse entry; these rodents are known to squeeze through holes as small as a quarter inch in diameter. Placing mousetraps around your home can take care of mouse problems on a small scale, but in all likelihood there is a larger colony of mice around your property. In this case, a large scale defense must be taken, and it may be appropriate to call in professional assistance. With their knowledge and expertise, exterminators can locate mouse nests on your property and in your home. With the use of safe sprays and specialized tools which are not available to consumers on a mass level, they will safely and effectively rid your home of these pests.

Your best defense for your home in regards to any pest problem is prevention; same is the case with mice- both in keeping them out and ridding any potential scavengers from entering and chewing through your belongings. Proper storage and disposal of your food is key to this- keep food away from the ground and tightly sealed in secure containers. A mouse problem is not the evocative of an unsanitary house, but a clean kitchen, eating area, and bathroom are certainly helpful in keeping rodents away. If the threat of a mouse infestation is on a large scale, get in touch with your local professional exterminator.

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